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I got bored and made a giant character generator.  7 different categories with at least 17 options each (some have more), including fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, modern, and historical possibilities… which means that characters can get ridiculous really fast (like flamethrower-wielding, Feudal Japanese cyborg priestess with a pet unicorn). Have fun with what you get or try a few times if you want a serious character. 

If you do make a character with this, tag ‘characterdesigninspiration’ so I can see them!

I am a curvy, winged Ancient Egyptian vampire priestess who wields a whip and is accompanied by a phoenix.


Fairy, Curvy, Alchemist, Victorian, Dual swords, Cat/Feline, Facial scar


merperson, wide hips, demon hunter, a knight, laser gun, a bear and has facepaint….

well i have a random character right here! and i am okay with that (will totally make that)

Fairy, Long Legs, Rouge, Hipster, Pistols, Dinosaur, Glowing Eye

fairy, skinny, royalty, cowboy, pistol, bear, tattoos

I love these!!

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If I get 2,000 notes on this my brother will stop smoking. PLEASE HELP ME.

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Remember when you where a kid?
When death was for the wicked
War was just a card game
Money grew on trees
The good guy
Was the good guy
The bad
Was the bad
Three paged books
And park trips
When boys where just friends
And your parents superheroes.

Then somehow it all changed

Your friend and a kids parents die
Bombings and attacks across the news
Money was low
You could no longer tell
Who is good
And who is bad

Black and white words for pages
And days at home
Boys became boyfriends
And parents became the enemy.

Remember when you where a kid?
When did it all go wrong?
When did everything change?
Why can’t I go back?